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D'Angleo and the Vanguard

Last year D’Angelo started doing shows again.  Earlier this year he had a sit down with writer Nelson George, hosted by Red Bull, the forum was orchestrated by Questlove via his relationship with the beverage company.  The Roots’ frontman has been doing events with Red Bull for the past few years now.

Michael D’Angelo Archer’s forthcoming release is titled “Black Messiah.”  Does that mean D is proclaiming himself as the “Black Messiah” of music?  I don’t think that what he’s saying, but perhaps, as a visual featured in a Pitchfork story reads: “All we wanted was a chance to talk ‘stead all we got was outlined in chalk.”  This statement speaks volumes considering the atrocities we are currently experiencing in our society.  A “Messiah” through music would provide tremendous healing, potentially to millions, but our deliverance is not upon us yet.

There was a listening session in New York tonight for the new release, that managed to sneak a 30 second ad in during this evenings airing of the guilty pleasure of millions, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”  This simply says that D’Angelo, manager Kevin Liles and AfroPunk creator Jocelyn Cooper, have not forgotten the artist’s core audience.  The first single from “Black Messiah” is the tune “Sugah Daddy” that can be heard here…

As this is the first of many, and since I’ve been very limited to the posts I’ve done on this page since its inception, I’ll keep it brief.  I simply had to acknowledge that one of music’s favorite sons is on the move, and I for one am looking forward to The Funkin’ Truth

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2011 – it still sounds kind of funny to me – I mean we’re into it now, the 2000s.  Soon it’ll be 2020 and so on, provided 2012…  I usually chuckle at the notion of the world crumbling in 2012.  There have already been several natural disasters that emulate these claims of Nostradamus.  Hurricane Katrina; the Tsunami in 2004; now these birds falling from the sky… There’s too many things I want to do and accomplish to be consumed by these incidents.  We’re gonna live live live until we die YES?!?!!! Only people that would take time to write a blog, more so read somebody else’s blog even has a notion as to the significance of that statement, so obviously we understand each other 😉