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After years of oppression and discrimination that black people have endured, a white woman has benefited from these atrocities. Born and raised as a white person, Rachel Dolezal appears to genuinely believe, she is actually a black woman.

When the truth first came out, she was directly confronted with a picture of her biological father, and asked if she was African-American. Caught very much off guard, after being interviewed about being a victim of hate crimes, Dolezal is obviously confused as to how to proceed and simply doesn’t.

While I have nothing against her personally wanting to claim to be black, I do have a problem with her benefiting from lying about being black. Dolezal is obviously delusional and in my opinion could benefit from psychiatric help. This is not over…

NAACP President/ CEO Cornell William Brooks…

A link to Dolezal’s art… http://racheldolezal.blogspot.com/


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2011 – it still sounds kind of funny to me – I mean we’re into it now, the 2000s.  Soon it’ll be 2020 and so on, provided 2012…  I usually chuckle at the notion of the world crumbling in 2012.  There have already been several natural disasters that emulate these claims of Nostradamus.  Hurricane Katrina; the Tsunami in 2004; now these birds falling from the sky… There’s too many things I want to do and accomplish to be consumed by these incidents.  We’re gonna live live live until we die YES?!?!!! Only people that would take time to write a blog, more so read somebody else’s blog even has a notion as to the significance of that statement, so obviously we understand each other 😉